Last night I ran into a wall….not literally, but I was too tired to do anything really productive.  I wanted to cry, I wanted a hug and I wanted to sleep.  This is an amazing adventure and I am loving it but last night I needed to sleep.

I looked at what I have done and what I have achieved and I fixed a couple of problems I had with pictures including this one which was just not right……

BlueflowerBlueFlower detail








Happy with it now : )

As I found my pastels while rumaging around for other things, I did this one.   I love working with pastels and getting my fingers in a mess while mixing the colours on the paper.  It was just the therapy I needed last night.   Called this one ‘Red Shoes’….what else? 

LegsLegs detail










This morning I am fired up and full of enthusiasm again, thanks to some friends who sent encouragement and ‘virtual hugs’ last night.

Today I want to share with you the work of Chris Bellinger who has been a real inspiration to me recently.  He is now C.A.Bellinger B.A (Hons) (Fine Arts), and this gives me hope that one day I will get there too.  My degree will be in Creative Arts and, if I get there, we will both have achieved our degrees as mature students : ) 

Chris generously shares his knowledge with others and his blog is a real inspiration.  This is one of his own works of art which I really love.


You can follow his work here:

Thank you Chris


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