I have less than a week to go on this challenge and it has been an amazing adventure so far. 

Do I have enough work to make a good display? 

Have I chosen the right subjects/colours?

What should I do for the final few days to make sure there is balance?

(Will anybody want to buy?)

For any artist that last question is always there (I think).

This is the first time I have asked that question for real and at the moment the answer is – I hope so but time will tell.  I have chosen a really tough economic time to try this out as well, which adds another dimension to that challenge.

I hope I have got everything else right but again time will tell.  I am so glad I chose to share this challenge with all of you as it that has helped more than anything else to have your comments and encouragement. 

Today is the last of my watercolour flowers (although if the sea holly blooms in my garden there may be one more).  I had hoped that this flower would open up a little more but it was being very shy.  (I might say that it represents me in that respect.)  I think it is still very pretty though so I painted it anyway.


If anyone does have any opinion on what I need to add balance to the collection then I would love to hear from you.

I am very excited about sharing my Twitter friend with you today as it involves my artwork and CHOCOLATE!!  Chocolat A Toi create chocolate favours for any event from scratch. It means you can have any design, logo or photo you want on a wrapper of any colour to match any theme for your event or occasion. They also come in various sizes.  

I just had to have them for my opening at the Art Festival…..look!!










How exciting is that!!!   …..Well I think it is 🙂

Tola was amazing at putting these together and I think they are fabulous….I can’t wait to get my hands on them!!

For more details of the lovely goodies that they do look here!!


Thank you Tola

4 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge – Day 24”

  1. Just looking at the wrapper, i can already taste the melt-in-your-mouth creamy chocolate!Good job, Tola.

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