I have to chose one image for a feature which best illustrates my work. I will tell you more about the project later but would love your opinions.

I think one of these 3 – what do you think??



Rose sm







If you think they are all wrong would like to hear that too

Help Please

12 thoughts on “Who am I?”

  1. I think it should be the dog… the flowers are beautiful, but many people do flowers in similar ways… the dog on the other hand, is totally unique in its execution. I have not come across another artist who has treated a dog in this way… and the eyes help us to suddenly realize this is a REAL creature. This painting SETS YOU APART from the average artist, and says “There is something totally unique here…check it out!” So – I vote for the dog. “-)

  2. I think it has to be the dog. It takes A LOT of skill to produce a drawing of that standard, and out of the 3 that is the most technically and artisticly impressive.

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