I was feeling pretty cheerful last night as I finally feel like things are coming together for the Festival, my friend Angela is back from holiday and she sorted me out in a way only she can.  She has a wonderful way of scraping me off the ceiling and puttings thing in perspective……. don’t worry though, my panic will set in again shortly.

I kept with the floral theme and, as I had some lovely new paints I wanted to try, I completed this flower triptych.  Lots of people loved the blue flower but wanted something bigger and with more impact.  I loved doing them, so here you are.

Pink Flower triptych


Pink triptych1

Pink triptych2

I love the colours!!  These pictures are such fun to do, I hope that they make you smile.  I used acrylic paint and beads this time.

Another thing that made me smile was that some of my ‘Moo Cards’ arrive.  These are little slices of my pictures which are mini business cards. Look:


and I made some into happy, dotty cards – sorry, but I like them 🙂



There are still some more to come too 🙂

One more thing made me happy today…or should I say one more person.

He is another of my ‘Twitter Friends’ and someone that inspires me on a daily basis.  He is Detlef Cordes, his blogs are thoughtful and thought provoking.  He is patient and supportive, makes me smile and is one of those people that you don’t get to meet very often but wish you did. 

Read his thoughts here……you will be glad you did (You will also see the lovely get well message he sent me) 


Thank you Detlef

2 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge – Day 25”

  1. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! Thank you Pamela 🙂

    I like the triptychon, the flowers and their context. The one on the left is a girl shopping for shoes, the one in the middle is her friend giving advice and the one on the right: can’t see what she is doing? I think she is waiting for her friends to be ready to have a coffee.

    They are in the middle of action – loving it.

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