Day 26 and I am definitely on the home straight 🙂

Thank you to everyone that chose one of the images to represent me in a profile – the problem is it the dalmation and the rose got an identical number of votes with the blue flower only one behind.  My best friend’s comment was that none of them represented me properly and I should draw something much more ditsy!  Hmmmmmm

 I really did not expect the votes to be quite so even but it just goes to prove that we all like different things.  Art is such a personal thing and that is what makes it so special and so diverse.

I guess I will just have to make the choice for myself but thank you all so much for the lovely comments on all of my work right through this challenge. 

Last night I had to finish all of the prints to get them to the framers so I could not paint or I would have got it all over the prints….believe me, I am that messy. 

My friend Angela pointed out that one of the ‘me’ areas of my artwork is my ‘Doodles’ …the combination of that and my red hair is where Raspberry Doodles came from.  Anyway, I have not done any of them for this challenge but I thought I would share one with you today.  (The only thing I cuold cope with while arguing with the printer and falling down the stairs…oops!) This came from a long running joke among my friends…I am a redhead, I have a mild allergy to garlic and my skin blisters in the sun (another redhead thing) …also vampire tendencies 😉

My ‘doodles’ capture the essence of a character, I put enough of the person I am drawing in so they can recognise themselves but also give them a bit of a cartoon (superhero) side.  The image can then be used for personal stationery, mugs, t-shirts, etc.  So here is my doodle for today… as a vampire.

Vampire Me sm

Ok, so I take a few artistic liberties….but I look this good in my head when I am fighting evil  🙂  (Vampires never age either!!)

Just a little bit of fun for today as it is Friday but will get back to serious stuff (and more friends) tomorrow.

 See you all then.

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