Today I had to go and buy tables and easels to display all my hard work which seemed quite exciting but turned out to be a bit of a nightmare……but survived and now have what I need.

 Although the middle part of this challenge was tough going as I got really tired, the rest of it has flown by and it is nearly done.  Now I am seeing things coming together and it is pretty exciting.  I have not seen this much of my work all together. 

I think I have just about everything I need….I hope.

Just some packaging to organise and I am done….Except I have to get myself in order.  Anyone who only knows me from the lovely photos on my website/twitter and comes to see me could get me on the trade descriptions act for false advertising 😉  All the work I have done on the house last month and the challenge this month have meant I have neglected myself and I don’t look anything like that photo.

I have made all of the appointments to get hair done, eyebrow waxed back to the usual 2 and will work on my nails etc to try to get paint out.  I even bought a new dress….well any excuse 🙂

I think that means I am organised…only I still owe you a few pictures.  Today’s picture is another abstract, a simple one as it just seemed to want to be like that.  Rich red and brown highlighted with gold then accented with red beads. 

I have no name for this one yet but I will think of something.











My twitter friend today is another incredibly talented artist who pushes the boundaries and keeps me intrigued with his work.  Tim Grosvenor is also a lovely person who shares his knowledge freely and shares great conversation too.

I chose this painting to share with you but it was a difficult decision as there are so many that I love.


See for yourself

Thank you Tim

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