It is the second last day of the challenge and I am starting to feel sad already.  I still have the Festival to look forward to and now that I have started this amazing journey with all of you……I will keep going.  I think I said already that fear had stopped me doing this earlier, fear of failure and fear of things not being good enough but now that doesn’t seem to matter any more.  I have shown you a variety of pictures and some of them have been better than others but I have learned from them all.

I do still have a huge mountain to climb, as face to face I am shy and find it hard to talk about my work but I have come this far and I am sure I will find a way to do it.

Today’s painting is called ‘Meltdown’ because that is what happened today.  I was all prepared to complete a set of canvases until I realised I had no white acrylic paint left to mix the colours I wanted.  That kind of threw me and it took a lot of coffee and some made up words before I decided to use what I had.  The picture in my head was like a mini meltdown so that is what I painted.  It turned out that it could be a number of things depending on your mood so that makes me happy……art should different things for different people.

This is my usual combination of acrylic paint and beads.


meltdownMeltdown detail










My Twitter Friend for today is Deborah T Colter, another incredibly talented artist who is also writes great blogs.  She is another person who makes the Twitter community so special and her support has been amazing. Her blog yesterday spoke of how an artist makes something out of nothing and that is exactly what we do.  She explains it much better than me  so click on the link and read her words.

I love all of Deborah’s work but I chose this one to share with you.


I highly recommend you check out the others though, you won’t regret it 🙂

Thank you Deborah

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  1. Interesting Paintings as always and I am sure the show will be a success,blogging is a good way of showing your work and getting feedback. also when you start your B.A you will have to talk about what you do in presentations (I expect)but if you love what you do keep going

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