Day 5 of my challenge and it is another abstract painting.  When I was doing the base for Lime Splash I was torn between Lime Green and Cerise Pink so I decided to do another one with Pink.  This is the smaller canvas (20cm x 20cm)  It is acrylic paints with wire and beads to highlight.

So here is Cerise Splash

Cerise SplashCerise Splash Detail

 It is only day 5 and I am bursting with ideas so there is a lot more to come.  This challenge is tougher than I had imagined but I always did need a target before I could get anything done. 

My little studio is filling up with work and work in progress which is keeping me motivated….along with the support I am getting from everyone.  Thank you to all of you who have supported me, my website, my blog, Twitter and Facebook.  Still need more fans on Facebook to get to the magic 100 and claim my name.  You can become a fan here

Not sure what tomorrow will bring….watch this space 🙂

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