I know lots of new people are following this blog now, thank you for joining us, and if you are new then you may not know that I like to challenge myself.  Those of you who have followed for a while, thank you for being so patient with me, will hopefully be interested right now 🙂

Drawing has been on the back burner too long and I wanted to go back to learning as much as I can.  My last major challenge which had to be put on hold was portraits and I really wanted to explore that properly.

The hardest part of drawing for me is staring at a blank sheet and getting started so a bigger project should hopefully get things moving again.

The aim of this challenge is to find out:

  • Is it easier to draw someone you know and love?
  • Can I draw without overworking?
  • Should I just stick to animals?

The photo I have chosen to draw is one of my favourites from my wedding day.  It was taken by the very talented Jason Roseweir.  http://www.roseweirphotography.co.uk/

This is my beautiful grandson meeting his new step-great-grandma (that’s a mouthfull).  I love the expression on his face!!

Here is how the first drawing session went (excuse the quality – it is too big for my scanner)

Now…..I have to get the detail in without going to far!!

It does feel good to be back drawing properly though!

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