My return to drawing has not gone to plan, I had hoped to be drawing much more regularly by now but illness and a husband who is immobile with a bad back have slowed things down.  I am glad when I do have some time though and today everything else was left while I indulged myself, just a little.

One of my favourite things here is sitting on the decking at the bottom of my garden feeding the ducks (and the swans) and enjoying the peace and quiet.  Yesterday I spent attacking a honeysuckle which was attempting to strangle half the garden, but there was still time to sit on my bench and feed the ducks.  At the moment they are all paired off and we have even seen the first of the ducklings, but there are three males who are always meeting up and quacking about something or other.

This is one of them…..he always seems pretty pleased with himself.

This is my postcard sized drawing of him….my usual watercolour pencils.

Thought you might like to see the view of the sunset from my bench too 🙂

Pretty isn’t it?  🙂

Keep your fingers crossed for more drawing time please.

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