After enjoying my start back drawing, things were slowed down by an infection getting into my system 🙁

It is hard to draw when your head is splitting and your hands are shaking.

I had to do something though while stuck on the sofa, so another little postcard seemed the answer.

I recently visited the Royal Society of Botanical Artists Exhibition in London and it make me look at things differently for drawing.  Some of the drawings and paintngs were just amazing, even though the subjects were very ordinary.  When this sprouted in the middle of our lawn I just had to capture it in pencils.

I chose to draw only the the toadstool as I wanted the focus to be on it.  I like the pale background with the muted colours.

This is watercolour pencils on a 6″ x 4″ watercolour postcard.

Tom is out in the garden digging it out now 😉

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