I have been absent for longer than I had thought I would be but a lot has been happening.

I moved 500 miles

Started a new job


got married

I never do things by halves 🙂


……….I was beginning to wonder if I had forgotten how to draw 🙁

I thought I would try a little project to start with so I am going to do a few postcards of my new world down on the Isle of Wight to share with you.

The first one had to be my favourite new friend.

He joins me when I have coffee on the bench at the bottom of the garden, he doesn’t even mind if I don’t have anything to share.  Normally, he has company but at the moment, she is elswhere….busy sitting on a nest I hope. 

This was him yesterday evening when I had coffee while waiting on Tom getting home for dinner……and this is my interpretation.

The image is drawn using watercolour pencils on a 4″ x 6″ postcard.

I would love to hear your opinion…..or just say hi as I missed you all.  🙂

6 thoughts on “My Absence and a New Friend”

  1. Hey there gorgeous…

    Your wedding pics look fab, it’s good to know you are a drive away, you will have to come visit.

    The swan drawing looks hun, good to see you working again.


  2. Hey Pam! It is so good to see you back here, and to know you are settling into your new life! You haven’t lost your skills at all…he’s beautiful!

  3. Why arn’t I surprised that one of your first items would be the river at the bottom of the garden. You have picked the best time to learn about the Island and to see how it grows into such beauty over the summer weeks and as for the swan family, well better way to spend your summer evenings but share with such beautiful creatures. Your sketching does him justice. Be blessed Pamela x

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