I can believe how long it is since I posted anything here. It has been such a busy summer. Artistically the most exciting time of my life.

My exhibition at the Garlic Farm came to an end at the weekend. I sold 13 pictures, a mixture of originals and prints, and took 3 commissions. The feedback was also amazing once again. I was so excited that this was my first solo show and it exceeded my expectations. It was also wonderful to share with friends.

This is Eddie with a print of his portrait when he visited. A print of this picture sold here too.


This was one of the originals sold and I have to say I am very sad to see her go.


I exhibited at the garlic festival again which was my most successful yet though it was such a hot weekend I had to contend with melting pencils. I love to work and chat to people at the same time and I met some wonderful people and their dogs.

I have been working incredibly hard but all of the projects are top secret so I can’t share any of them just yet. I will be starting one in the next few days which I can happily share.

I also had a huge decision to make over the past few days as I had the chance to take on a studio. It was in a lovely building with a huge exhibition space and some other lovely artists. The space felt great and I loved it. It also would have been one step closer to my dream.

I (think I) have taken the decision not to go for it as I don’t have enough time yet to commit to a space and make it work. I steal every second possible to create at the moment and time to go to that space and set up would take away from that.

I would also like to exhibit more and visit bigger venues so I will commit to that first. I am sad that I cannot take this opportunity but I am sure it is because there is another one better for me in the future.

My dreams have got bigger this summer and I thank everyone who has visited and commented on my work and inspired me to chase that dream and believe it is possible.

5 thoughts on “Absence”

  1. I love that giraffe – and I will be sad to see it go. However, I want to say to you:

    LIVE YOUR DREAM NOW! Take the space in the studio. I believe that you are now good enough creatively, technically and commercial to make a living as a full time artist. I’ve seen your talent develop so far and so fast over the last three years. Surely, you are ready now? Don’t wait until the timing is perfect, because there never is that time.

    Life is for the living – make the big jump now, you will be glad you did.

    1. Wow. Thank you Heather. It is not the fear of commitment rather it is choosing to look for somewhere which will have more footfall and public access. I know I will find somewhere to live my dream and I am excited about that prospect.

    1. I really value your opinion so thank you. It is also good to hear a professional opinion that is not emotionally charged. My confidence has taken a leap this summer as have the sales of my work and I hope to work on that further. Thank you again.

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