It has been so great listening to everyone’s comments on the photographs for my giveaway.  It is now time to reveal the winner, if you have not already worked it out.

This is Eddie and Aashka

I think everyone was touched by the love shown in this picture and although the other one is beautiful this one captured the most hearts.

I am really looking forward to drawing this and to making it the first entry onto my website in the pets and humans category.

The winner will also receive the portrait as a gift from me.

Sorry Shelley and Ci, it was a really difficult choice 🙁

Thank you everyone for taking part and all of your comments x


5 thoughts on “And the winner is….”

  1. Oooooh! I am so chuffed and excited :0) Eddie is wondering if you could use a bit of artistic license with his hair line! He he he. I know that you will draw it just the way it is and to me that is perfect. xxx

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