Who Should Win?

I have chosen my two favourite photographs for my giveaway this month – one of which will I will draw and give to the winner but who should win??

Should it be this beautiful picture?

Or this beautiful moment?

I just cannot choose…..please help?!?

Let me know which one is your favourite.

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  1. Shelley

    Well you know who I think should win! Although my competition is pretty stiff – what a lovely pic! x

  2. June cunningham

    I vote for my gorgeous dog and hubby….oops, I meant gorgeous hubby and dog ;0)

  3. Tracy Barker

    I think one man and his dog. Although I think they are both great I do prefer the love shared in it.

  4. Liz Green

    They are both lovely, but photo number two captured my eye most! Sorry, number one! So, photo TWO gets my vote.

  5. Jacqui

    For me it would have to be the “beautiful moment”. The “beautiful picture” is already a lovely piece of art and no doubt takes pride of place in the owner’s home. The snap of the man and his dog has the potential to become a lovely piece art :o)

  6. Tori

    I vote for Junes gorgeous pooch & her husband. Such a lovely picture :0) x

  7. Kirsten Murphy

    2nd photo will make much better picture because it’s not posed so it gets my vote!!
    Kirsten x

  8. Pat McGoverne

    The nose nuzzle is lovely but Shelley and her dog would make the best portrait, so I vote for Shelley!

  9. John Wilson

    White dog and Eddie Cunningham

  10. tom

    I love both pictures but feel that picture 1 would offer a greater challange in black an white

  11. julie

    The man and his dog is so gorgeous! I get cuddles from baillie like that!!! X

  12. Heather Hutchison

    My vote goes for Eddie and the loving white dog

    1. Pamela

      Loving all the comments, it is so difficult to choose. Will hold the suspense a little longer and count votes tomorrow : )

  13. Sam

    Shelley and the dog naturally

  14. Carina

    Definetly the 2nd picture, it would provide you with a challenge and look great once you’ve completed it 🙂 The other one is too dark.

  15. Ann

    I think the second one looks good – very natural.

  16. Kermath

    One man & his dog ……. Super!

  17. Anne

    I vote for Eddie and his dog

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