I have chosen my two favourite photographs for my giveaway this month – one of which will I will draw and give to the winner but who should win??

Should it be this beautiful picture?

Or this beautiful moment?

I just cannot choose…..please help?!?

Let me know which one is your favourite.

18 thoughts on “Who Should Win?”

  1. They are both lovely, but photo number two captured my eye most! Sorry, number one! So, photo TWO gets my vote.

  2. For me it would have to be the “beautiful moment”. The “beautiful picture” is already a lovely piece of art and no doubt takes pride of place in the owner’s home. The snap of the man and his dog has the potential to become a lovely piece art :o)

  3. Definetly the 2nd picture, it would provide you with a challenge and look great once you’ve completed it 🙂 The other one is too dark.

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