Cheeky Monkey – The Finished Result

I am pleased with this picture and don’t mind telling you that  🙂

I think this is the longest number of hours I have spent on one picture but there were so many new things to learn from it. 

Thank you to everyone who helped me find a name for him (it is a him) …..I debated long and hard over all of the names.  He did not seem to be a grand ape so all the lovely grand names did not seem to suit him.  Lorrie (@illusiocreative) came up with the best option in my opinion and I think it suits him so……

I would like to introduce to you…..



Oscar sm


Lorrie will get a print of this image as a thank you for naming him.

Remember that you can adopt one of these beautiful creatures here and help the WWF protect them in the wild.

I will also give 25% of the sales of ‘Oscar’ prints to the WWF ….. how can you resist him?

framed oscar

He will be on my website tomorrow 🙂


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  1. Lorrie (Illusio)

    Oh thank you darling, he is beautiful, and I am truly honoured..again, thank you. The name does indeed suit him, and I cannot wait to see a print of him. xxx

  2. Joanne

    Awwww – how cute! Those eyes are sooooo expressive!

  3. Kushlani Hall

    Awww…. What a DARLING!!! It’s adorable!!! What an expression. Love it!!!

    1. Pamela

      Thank you all soooooo much : )

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