I am now assuming that all of my MailART has arrived or is lost forever so I will share the last of them with you.  I chose this one today as it ties in with my portrait theme for this month.

One thing that is always on in my house if I am awake is my television…..not that I watch a great deal but I like the voices in the background.  In the car I love the radio but at home it is always TV.  It is a bad habit…..but not the worst habit I could have.  I ‘watch’ a lot of nonsense on TV though I do actually gain a lot of inspiration from what I see….you can see art in many ordinary things.

One of my favourite TV shows is ‘House’ with Hugh Lawrie so I chose to make him my TV snapshot.

I did only draw a bit of him…..mainly his eyes……those are amazing eyes and I hope that I have captured them for those of you who like him too….would really appreciate comments and suggestions for improvement on this one.


 The shadow under his nose is a little strong but other than that I am pretty pleased with this one…..I await your opinions.

Today’s received MailART is from @traceyart


This is a lovely multimedia piece which survived the mail system remarkably well.

You can see more of Tracey’s work here


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