More MailART for you and I could not share snapshots of my life without sharing one of my biggest addictions


 You just don’t want to know me if I do not have enough caffeine in my blood (maybe blood in my caffeine : ) )  I have changed to decaf for the majority of the time …..the withdrawal symptoms when I did that really showed how bad I was …..but I still need the occasional caffeine hit or I turn into something that would sit very well in a cheap horror movie.

My favourite coffee has to be Starbucks Caramel Macchiato….the perfect combination of sugar and caffeine at the same time…..guaranteed to bring life back to me when all seems lost. 🙂

This picture was of a more sedate coffee which had to be accompanied by cake, I hope you enjoy.


Today’s received MailART is beautiful and is by @lruggles who is a rural school art teacher.  I love this card but don’t really know any more about this talented artist….sorry.  I still had to share it with you 🙂



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