On Friday I was a Guest Author on Empty Easel, they asked for people’s opinions on “What is art, to you?” and I gave mine.


If you have been following my blog for a while you will know I wrote this post a while ago after an unpleasant meeting at a local arts festival.  The information in it is still relevant and I am proud to call myself an artist ….I don’t need qualifications to prove that.

I am also very happy they included my post as I read Empty Easel every day  🙂

Some more MailART for you today and this drawing was of a photograph I took on Isle of Wight on a very pleasant afternoon spent with my partner.  It was one of those simple days where we walked on the beach in the sunshine and ate ice cream, wrote in the sand and rebuilt this stone tower which someone else had started. 

Sometimes the simplest things store the best memories.


This is a lovely memory for me…..I hope you enjoy the picture 🙂

 Today’s received artwork is from Steve Lauman(@buffalokid)  He has created the artwork on paper with the cutout figure then attached it to perspex which gives it a great feel ….I love the very ‘James Bond’ feel about this piece, which is perhaps not what Steve intended but I love it anyway 🙂


Steve says about himself  “I make astronomical instruments for a living, make art as a way of life, live and work at Lowell Observatory and balance the technical with an art obsession.”

You can find more about Steve’s methods of working here


2 thoughts on “Stone Tower – MailART”

  1. Nice Drawing to bring back happy memories, nothing like a walk on the beach, seems to bring out the inner child (!)
    loved the guy and his work also lokked at his site lovelt texture stuff going on

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