Being lost in a book is one of my favourite things.  If a book can grab your attention in the first few pages then you can find yourself losing hours at a time  You can find yourself laughing out loud or crying genuine tears.  You can learn new things, visit new places, experience new feelings all through the power of a book …..very similar to the power of art.

For me art and literature have very similar powers and both can take my attention and transport me to new places…..places I very much want to be.  They also both inspire me to be better, to be stronger….. to be the me I want to be.

Both art and literature have saved my sanity on many occasions and I treasure my time with both…….if you add theatre to the mix then I am a very happy person 🙂

Here is today’s postcard:

mailart019 sm

I am finding it hard to do any of my favourite things at the moment as I am clearing out my house…..something which is long overdue.  I am clearing out things that should have been thrown out long ago and enjoying the process but it is time consuming and taking more of my time than I would like, leaving little time to draw.  Once it is done though, then there will be lots of time and a comfortable space to create in, clear of all the clutter that has built in my home and my mind.  Clearing stuff clears your head too 🙂

There are a lot of changes coming in my life – good ones -and I will share them with you too.

Today’s received MailART is from Linda Yesline  (@linda_astersage).  I like how this image combines art and a little sewing too.


 Linda can normally be found designing bags here:

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