The other day I spoke of simple pleasures and here is another one of those – making new friends.  These friends were of the equine variety but no less special. 

We came across them after climbing what seemed like an endless hill with me trying to look a lot fitter than I actually am and still carry on a conversation with someone I was trying to impress (not sure if I impressed him with my puffing and blowing but I have not scared him off 🙂 ) 

I thought we may spook the ponies but they were happy to pose for photos and even to have their noses stroked.











I could not resist drawing at least one of them for the MailART project and this was the result.


I know I will return to the photos I took and try to draw some more.  I also hope to return to the same walk and walk it again.  It was another very special day with great memories …the camera decided not to work though (these photos taken on my phone) so would like to return and take some proper photos.

I chose my received MailART card to echo my theme and this lovely card is by Jacqueline (@artcreated).  Her photography is mounted on a collage to create the overall effect.



I love Jacqueline’s photography, especially her floral work.  Have a look for yourself:

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