Finally, the big day arrived and I had to start to put together my artwork to make it look the best I could.  My friend and her daughter (my goddaughter)were both with me to help set things up and keep me sane.

We set to work covering the wall cupboards with brown paper to provide a neutral backdrop for the paintings and using black cloths on the tables to give a striking and contemporary look.  With very little hanging space and no option to put any kind of fixings in the walls we got creating with ‘s’ hooks and easels.  It took time and we arranged and re-arranged with Angela and Chloe telling me everything was squint……I am an artist, I don’t do straight lines!  They fixed and balanced stuff and we finished with lots of time to spare and pretty pleased with ourselves.

We even had time for dinner finished with crepes and brown sugar – yummmm!

What do you think?

Festival 1Festival 2







I even put on a pretty dress and high heels (suffering for my art) 🙂

festival 4

(My friend Angela and I )

Our visitors were impressed 🙂  Made my first live sale (and a few more), stuck on my first red dot, took my first live commission and chatted and smiled a lot!!  I usually find it difficult to talk to people but not something else took over and I happily talked about my artwork. 

What amazes me is that there are over 100 artists in the village and there are some amazing ones – people still want my art and this just blows me away.

I went home tired and emotional (only a few tears) but so happy with how the evening had gone.

Today was good too…better than I ever could have hoped!! More sales and more commissions……lots of positive feedback too. 

I wish I could explain how I feel……it’s lovely.  I feel so grateful for all of the help and support that I have had to get to this.  I wish I could give you all a hug…..will just have to be a virtual one


I will keep you up to date on progress but I am in a piece of the universe that has no phone or internet signal so please stay with me and I will be back soon 🙂

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