When I started the 30 day challenge I never imagined that I would inspire other people along the way and that makes me feel really humble.  Everyone knows how much I learned during the challenge and now the Arts Festival has given me so much more by letting me see people’s reactions first hand.  I love that my pictures can make people happy.  🙂

One of the people I inspired is Karen Gielen and she has now started her own challenge.  I am sure she will learn a lot and gain a lot from her own challenge though I am sure it will be different in many ways as we all have our own lessons to learn.

One thing I hope is that everyone supports Karen in her challenge.  The online community is a wonderful place to share 🙂

See Karen’s challenge here


One thought on “Inspiration”

  1. Thank you so much for the support you’ve given me so far! Sometimes all we need is a gentle nudge to get us up and doing what we need to do to grow. I always reach for graphite and I typically have the same subject matter. I hope to not only be looser but broaden what I choose to draw and the mediums I work with. Day 2 down…only 28 more to go! LOL

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