Happy New Year everyone and may it be the most creative one yet.  That is my resolution anyway 🙂 

This year the plan is to be creative every day and to share it.  Being creative is not the problem…writing about it is more difficult……but there are so many things I want to try and to share with you.  Hand made and individual is so much more interesting than mass produced and so much more appreciated too.  I hope you share my opinion.

The last year has given me so much feedback and I hope that I can use that to build on this year.  There is nothing more rewarding for an artist than seeing the pleasure in peoples’ faces when they see the finished work. 

I have been really busy since my last post as I had a few commissions which needed to be done for Christmas.   Now I can share with you.

Here is the first one, his name is Harley

Rather handsome, don’t you think?

Here is my interpretation

I am heading out soon with my camera.  That is the other part of my resolution….to learn how to use it properly!

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