Yesterday was the last day of my holiday and, as it was a lovely day I decided to head out with the camera and see what the day brought.

Taking photographs is a huge part of my creative life as I draw from my photographs and photograph my work.  At the moment I depend on taking lots of photographs and hoping that something turns out.  I want to learn more about making more turn out and taking better photographs of my work.

Today was just about getting out and getting a feel for my camera and getting used to using it more.  I have 4 from my walk that I want to share with you.  If you are not from the Isle of Wight you may also get a sense of the great inspiration that is around me.  The first is a definite for drawing 🙂

The second reflects my love of the shoreline around the Island

The third just shows you just how beautiful this Island can be, this is the view from the beach at Yaverland.

Finally….a quirky one which I think I would like to draw too 🙂

As you can see my photography needs improvement but I usually draw out the problems that I create with a camera.  The challenge is to bring them a little closer together, although I hope my drawing continues to improve too.

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