I have seen this a lot over the past month or so and it sums things up for me. I would love to tell you where it came from but I can’t track it down to one owner.

Whether you think you are an art lover or not, we all love pictures, images, illustrations and our attention is drawn to images that please us or pull strings in our hearts. You may not know technical art terms, you may not know artists names or which movement they belong to or which style they have adopted, you may not even know why you love a picture but you know you love it. That makes you an art lover.

Finding the perfect picture for you, for your home or as a present for a friend or loved one can be very difficult. For me, I have to like the artist, know that they have passion for what they do, otherwise how can I have passion for it. It is not the same for everyone, we all have different tastes and different ideas about what art is. I have very eclectic taste but I appreciate talent, real talent, I just don’t understand the piles of stuff that pretend to be art.

My art is about life. It is about breathing life into a drawing, about capturing spirit and character and a special moment. When I show my work the biggest compliment I get – the one that makes every bit of my body tingle – is when people say “it is so alive”. I love to hear that more than anything else.

This is one of my favourite drawings that I did in the run up to Christmas, it was not a present, just a memory of a dog who is no longer with us. I hope you like it


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