Happy New Year Everyone!

I wish you all a happy, healthy and successful year in 2010

The holidays have been great, I have really enjoyed a family Christmas and time with friends……the best I have had in many many years. 🙂 

Happy New Blog too…..I have finally managed to get my own style attached to my blog, lots of work still to do to get everything working but it is a start and I hope you like it so far.  I am so grateful for the support that you all gave me in 2009 and hope that you continue to enjoy the adventure in 2010.

I am also excited that I get to share some of the artwork which was top secret until Christmas day. 

This is my sister’s cat – Shorty

This is the start of the portrait I did for her as a Christmas present.

I would love to show you the progress through this drawing but I got a little excited and I finished it before I remembered to take another photograph.

This is only half of the present and I will share the other half with you tomorrow….part of my promise to myself to draw and blog every day. 

Enjoy your day and your year. 🙂




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