Yesterday I showed you Shorty which is my sister’s cat.  Today I introduce you to the most cunning dog on the planet….she can wrap you round one claw and make you do whatever she wants!

Her name is Bailey

She is pretty cute which is why she gets off with so much (especially with my dad)…….but a major challenge to draw!

I was up against the clock to get this finished for christmas so I forgot to do any progress shots again but here is the finished drawing.

and here is the complete portrait witht the two of them together.

This was way too big to scan so forgive my photography….I am trying to improve my skills in that area this year.

I don’t think I could have been more nervous giving this to my sister as  I usually send people an email image of the portrait so do not see their first reactions…..I could not have asked for better though as she loved it.  I did get into a bit of bother as her eyes ‘leaked’ and threatened to spoil her make up – mine too 🙂

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