Yesterday I visited Brading Art Group for the second time to share with them some of the techniques I use when drawing with coloured pencils. I have been asked a few times if I would demonstrate and I finally plucked up the courage thanks to the lovely Murray Ince who had helped me so much.

They are a lovely group and incredibly passionate about art. What more could I ask for?

We have been working on a tiger from Isle of Wight zoo. After a little bit of demonstration the ladies were keen to get started.

This is everyone hard at work.



One of the ladies finished her tiger.


This was the first time that Jill Blanchard had used this medium and she has already started another. Sue Taylor had a book where she was already working on a few coloured pencil animals.

As well as that, we had tea and cake and put the world to rights.

I love sharing art and this is a wonderful group to share it with.

Looking forward to seeing you next month ladies.

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