There is just not enough time in the day right now and I am struggling to find any time to draw. There is much more to being an artist than just creating new work and it is taking more time than I would like just now.

I have started something new to help retain my sanity and satisfy the creative urge.

I met this beauty in the Lake District a couple of years ago. There were some wild horses by the road (though I could barely be described as a road…..more a track) that we were driving on. Hubby stopped to let me take photos and I put my long lense on so as not to get too close.


Black beauty had other ideas and walked onto the road and towards me do I took the zoom off. He then walked closer. I stood my ground, realising more and more how big he was.
Once he was about 6 feet away he stopped. By that time I had enough photos so I lowered my camera and tried to work out how he would react to me saying hi.

He was fine. I walked forward and rubbed his nose. He nuzzled in then we said goodbye and he went back to his family.


You can tell I am going to enjoy this

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