Drawing is always difficult when you have a cold as leaning forward with a dripping nose is just not good 🙁

…..this means another illustration for today. (I am finding these way too much fun)

Yesterday you met Jerry the cat and I said that he was a shapeshifting cat so today I thought I would explore that and change him into the pet that every little boy would love.

A Dragon

I tried to keep the cat markings on the dragon so that he is identifiable …..  Does it work? What do you think?










Although Jerry is a great name for a normal(ish) cat not sure it suits a dragon…..will think about that one.

Ha ha…..I really hope I can get back to more serious drawing very soon though.  Packed full of vitamin C to try to clear my cold 🙂

I would also like to go back to featuring more work from other artist and have some ideas for joint projects but for now I would like to have a theme day once a week and think ‘Theme Thursday’ sounds like it works.  In honour of the fact that the whole country is white I think the first theme should simply be


I would love to feature your work here next week so send me a picture, your name and the link you would like me to use to your site/blog and I will happily feature you (will probably do up to 12 each week).  Don’t worry what your art is – painting, drawing, multimedia, photography, textiles, etc.  Please give me time to put it all together though. 

Send it to pamela (at) raspberrydoodles (dot) co (dot) uk

(Just trying to fool the spambots….you know what I mean.)

I am really looking forward to this.  🙂

3 thoughts on “Jerry – The Dragon”

  1. wonderful…keep going don’t let a little runny nose stop you…maybe you can use that idea in your book…markings on Jerry are great!!

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