I am working on some animal portraits at the moment which I cannot share yet but I am keeping my promise to myself to draw every day.  It is so cold that I am staying in the office at lunch times so I am drawing then too……good for my drawing but, without my walk at lunch, not so healthy.

It does mean that little drawings and experiments are emerging and after the drawing of Aiden yesterday I thought he needed a companion. I decided our cat Jerry was the perfect model as he is always beside me or on me or the drawing board or the laptop when I am working. 🙂  I have also decided that he is a shapeshifting cat so the character can become whatever he wants to.  This comes from the fact that Jerry is not your normal cat shape, as you can see from this photo.

He sat like that for ages and fell asleep the same way.

Here is the character that developed

Now Aiden does not look so lonely

And I am sure there are lots of adventures they could have. 🙂

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