Something Completely Different

I think you all know that part of my love for art lies in experimenting and trying new things all of the time……ok, I admit I have a low boredom threshold 🙂

In a previous job I wrote a drama workshop which involved an interactive story and a puppet which I designed and made from scratch.  I also had the chance to illustrate a book for them which was great fun.  I wanted to take this further though and put more time into developing characters than they allowed me, so……

…….what better excuse to do this than my own grandchild.  I want to write him a book (or 2) and make him the central character. 

The children I worked with and their teachers loved the material that I wrote but it took quite a bit of time and research to ensure that the child is kept interested.  Aiden is not even 3 months old so I have that time to play and I will develop it gradually.  While I was stuck on the train yesterday I played a little and came up with this character – the hat came from the fact that his dad is nearly always seen in a hat and I imagined him in an exagerated version of his dad’s hat. 🙂

He is drawn in my new sketchbook which is now going everywhere with me….to make sure I draw every day!!

This is just a rough sketch at the moment but I would love to hear your opinions on this one and any experiences or ideas that you have……please. 

Hmmmm….I think he needs a companion….

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  1. Heather Hutchison

    I think he is WONDERFUL..yes he needs a companion.
    Please let us know when books are going to be ready …can you ship to Canada?

    1. Pamela

      Thank you. Had not thought of selling the book but will see how it turns out. No problem getting things to Canada though 🙂

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