Ok, so I failed miserably on the June challenge although I did get a lot done.  I was held back by a horrible summer cold for a week but I should have managed to get more done.  What I have achieved has made my house look better and me feel better so I don’t feel too bad about it.

Spring Clean Lounge
Paint Front Hall
Paint Woodwork in Dining Room
Paint Upstairs Doors
Paint Woodwork in Studio
Finish Setting Up Studio
Clear Out Supply Cupboard
Tidy Up Front Garden (Half done)
Finish Landscaping Back Garden
Curtain/Blind for Bathroom
Flooring in Kitchen and Dining Room (On Order)

I actually managed the biggest jobs and failed on the little ones but I will keep trying to complete the list as I know it will make me feel a lot better.

The challenge for July is to get ready for the Pittenweem Arts Festival which is the first week in August.  I cannot fail in this challenge.  There is no choice in the matter!

I am going to set myself a 30 day art challenge with the aim to produce 30 new pieces of art for the festival.  Not an easy task (especially as work gets in the way too) but one I am determined to complete.

I also need to produce some more art cards and postcards as they should help spread the word about my artwork. 

So, from Monday, I will post a new piece of Art every day!! (Technically it is still June but I need the last couple of days to sort out and pack pictures, etc).  I hope you will share this adventure with me.  I feel like I am about to set off on a huge journey which I hope will result in some pretty good experiences.  Any comments will be happily received.

One more thing, I have a new store I am trying out on Zazzle where you can buy my designs made up into gifts such as T-Shits, Mousemats, Bags and Mugs….please let me know what you think.

create & buy custom products at Zazzle

2 thoughts on “July Challenge”

  1. Have tried Zazzel No sales as yet Also look at the shipping costs.I know some who thought it quite expensve if you wanta mug shipped from us to here.
    Good Luck with it anyway and hope you will sell stuff.
    Looks good

    1. I tried it to see what happened but will see what happens. Would really like to find someone in UK who does this kind of thing but no luck so far…..anyone?

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