New artwork at last!!

I was very happy to finally be back painting on Saturday night.  I had been out fighting the front garden with all the weapons I could muster but had been beaten back by a weed which my body decided it didn’t like. I came out in water blisters all over my arms and the side of my face which then became swollen so I would have made a very good extra in a Dr Who episode!  No, I didn’t take photos, do not want to be reminded of that.

Decided to cheer myself up with some time in the studio. My paintings started out life to be abstracts but the garden must have inspired me as they morphed into flowers, still using my abstract style of textures and beadwork but with a floral theme.











I love including beads and other textures into my pictures – here you can see the centre of the pink flower.

Pink Flower Centre

There is only a week left of June so how am I getting on with the list of things to do?

Spring Clean Lounge
Paint Front Hall
Paint Woodwork in Dining Room
Paint Upstairs Doors
Paint Woodwork in Studio
Finish Setting Up Studio
Clear Out Supply Cupboard
Tidy Up Front Garden
Finish Landscaping Back Garden
Curtain/Blind for Bathroom
Flooring in Kitchen and Dining Room (On Order) 

It is not looking good to get everything done, but as a friend reminded me yesterday – I am not superwoman (he did say I was close though 🙂 Thanks Paul).  Paul helped me rip up and dispose of the old flooring in my dining room (carpet and laminate flooring) and the new flooring is going down on Wednesday thanks to help from another friend so things are not too bad.  I have actually managed to do the biggest jobs on my list.  I will try to do as much of the rest as possible but I will try not to kill myself in the process!!

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