I keep missing random days on my blog and that is because life just seems to get away from me. Yesterday was my younger son’s 18th birthday so I took him out for dinner – KFC, his choice.  It brought back memories of when I used to take him and his brother when they were little and made me smile.  The amount of food he eats has increased and his height has increased but so has the amount of mess that he makes.  I put on his card ‘all grown up’ and he told me with a big smile that he would never grow up.  🙂

Yesterday was really exciting for me as a an artist too as I was offered the use of a colleague’s garage for the Pittenweem Arts Festival.  For those who don’t know, Pittenweem is a tiny village that is taken over by artist for one week out of the year and there is art everywhere, in houses, garages, gardens and any other space people can find.  It is a beautiful seaside village that is a wonderful setting for artists to come together.  It is almost impossible to get a space so it was really exciting to be offered a garage to display in.

I have already said that I need goals to get me moving and this is a huge goal.  Nine days of being in and around art is very exciting and a little terrifying but I am looking forward to it very much.  I now have a head full of ideas and a date that they have to be ready by. 

It will just be me and my pictures, nothing to hide behind, no gallery in the middle, no webpage just me.  That is the scary bit.  As a marketing person, I can ‘sell’ just about anything but selling myself has always been a problem.  I will work on it in the next few weeks but, really, I just hope that my artwork and my personality can work together to make this event a success.

I have not painted or drawn for over a week now as I was determined to finish things in my house to make sure I could commit real time to my artwork but that will have to change now.  I will, of course, keep you up to date with progress. 

Watch this space 🙂

Oh….as I don’t have any pictures to show you 🙁 , have a look at this from Andrea Joseph.


You can follow Andrea’s work here.  It is amazing!


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