I have always sold my art face to face so all internet marketing is very new and, if I am honest, pretty alien to me.  I have read a lot of articles giving advice on how this should be done and, apart from the stuff which is common sense, most of it gives completely conflicting advice.

  • Be professional – Be personal
  • Don’t tell people what your daily life is like – Let people see what affects your work (My daily life!)
  • Show your artwork as your identifier – Show people what you look like in your identifier
  • Show your artwork in as many places as possible – Be selective about where you show your artwork

So, what do you do?

I listened on the forums, I looked at other people who were doing it (not just talking about it) and I stopped worrying about doing things and tried it.
What I have done is

  • Branded everything the same (Except this blog which I will work out how to do soon!!) so that people recognise my pages when they see them.
  • Tried to be personal but still professional
  • Listened to everyone but combined that with what I know of selling face to face.

What is the best advice I can give – Be Yourself and realise that you cannot please everyone.  Don’t be afraid to try things, although always run the idea by someone you trust to get a second opinion.

Is it working….slowly, but I didn’t expect anything else.  My art continues to sell better face to face – more limited edition prints leaving for Arran galleries shortly 🙂 .

This is the favourite at the moment


Machrie Stones, Isle of Arran


And for now, I am going to continue to experiment and see what works and what doesn’t and have fun doing it.  I love art, I love creating it and I love seeing and sharing other people’s art.  I hope my passion shows in what I do and as long as I keep that I will keep doing what I do.
I would really appreciate your opinions and, remember, during June they could win you £50 to spend in my shop.

One thought on “Passion and opinions”

  1. As someone who has just completed three years studying Fine Art as a Mature student, I think I am just about to understand what this art thing is about!
    You are right that it is about being who yoa are and true to yourself and not trying to let other people influence you to much,Sure you get ideas from people and a viarety of sources so who can say where your art comes from anyway?
    we all see the world differently and see colours in a different way that is why we are human beings and not robots

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