Wow, a busy weekend both socially and in attacking my to do list. I spent some great catch up time with friends and really enjoyed it. Yesterday I spent really attacking my garde, my lovely mum came and helped for a while until we were rained off but once it had cleared I started the attack again. It is so nearly there now, after laying 14 bags of chips and 15 slabs to tidy up around the grass, I can almost begin to enjoy it.

I am looking forward to sitting drawing or painting and watching the fruits of my labours. I have planted some things that do not need much attention but I have also planted a blueberry bush, strawberries and apple and pear trees so I hope I can really enjoy the fruits of my labour. There is also my rhubarb which is always good.

I intend to add herbs and some more fruit and vegetables when I can but I now have to wait for the time to be right. I am also going to add more pots to the garden too as finances allow but for the time being I can cross another thing off my list and feel good about it.

Not much went on artwise at the weekend but I did buy some lovely prints from

I love buying gifts that are from artists or craft people and these pictures are gorgeous. The artist is also a lovely person. I like to know who has made the things I have in my home or I give to friends, I think the person is as important as what they produce and if I don’t like the person I can’t enjoy what they produce. In this case there is no problem at all. Check out these lovely prints and see for yourself. I am not going to show you what I have bought my friends as I know they read this and I don’t want to spoil the surprise, here is my treat to myself though – love this!


2 thoughts on “Another one off the list”

  1. Thank you so much for your kind words about me and my work! There is no greater thrill for an artist to have someone connect with their Art. It is also a huge honor to know you are not only excited about owning them, but about sharing them. So lovely 🙂

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