One of the things on my ‘To Do’ list for this month was setting up my new studio and I have finally got round to throwing my son’s things out of that room and setting things up the way I want. It is very simple and not very big but it has a huge chest where I can store lots of paint and brushes and othersupplies, a full size table I can work at (glass so it maximizes the light) and SPACE. SPACE where I can dry paintings without finding paw prints on them in the morning, where I can pack orders and commisions without crawling round the floor, where I can photograph things in good natural light…….Just ‘MY SPACE’.

This may not mean a lot to most of you but it has been a turbulent few years for me and I have been aiming for this for longer than I can remember.  To achieve this means a huge amount to me.  It also means another thing off my list

Spring Clean Lounge
Paint Front Hall
Paint Woodwork in Dining Room
Paint Upstairs Doors
Paint Woodwork in Studio
Finish Setting Up Studio
Clear Out Supply Cupboard
Tidy Up Front Garden
Finish Landscaping Back Garden
Curtain/Blind for Bathroom
Flooring in Kitchen and Dining Room (On Order)

Having a horrible cold has slowed my progress slightly but there as still 20 days left to get the rest done.

Here are the pictures of my litttle studio












I am also ordering some little pictures from some other artist that I really like – including this one which is due to arrive any day now!!


You can find Lorrie’s work here

I will show you what else I have chosen in the next few days….Meanwhile I shall just enjoy my new studio.

*Smiles happily*

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