You may remember that I auctioned a pet portrait for Children in Need a couple of weeks ago and I was commissioned to draw this beautiful greyhound.

This is Larry, he is 13 and was rescued after he became too old to race.


He was a joy to draw, though I have to admit, a huge challenge because of all the colour changes in his coat.  I was very lucky as the owner sent me a number of photos and let me chose the best to draw.  This is a great way to get a good portrait everyone, as what makes a good photograph does not always make for a good portrait.  It also lets the artist see more of the character of the dog (pet/animal) and capture that in the drawing.

So, this is what I drew

Larry sm

…..and a little closer

Larry face

I have to say…..I like this one 🙂

I would never give anyone a portrait I was not happy with but I scanned and sent this last night and held my breath.  It is always difficult waiting to see what people think of the portraits.  We can all see that this is a greyhound but did I capture Larry?

This was the answer to my question

“I absolutely adore it.  It’s perfect.
Thank you so much. You put so much love and skill into this amazing piece of art. I am blown away.

I can’t tell you how much this pet portrait means to me b/c Larry is 13.5 and he’s so special to me. The portrait you did is something I will cherish.  I feel so lucky to have found you and to have your artwork add happiness to my life.”

I don’t think I could have asked for any better.  This is why I am an artist – I get all the pleasure of drawing these beautiful creatures then I get to see/hear how happy it makes other people. 😀

Happy Friday!!

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