I think 3 is a good number so decided to finish off this series with one last image….attitude!



Here is what it looks like with the words


These were fun to do and I am going to turn them into mini cards as well as having the t-shirt and bag options and they will be on my website very soon!!

I have also made the decision to start my website from scratch.  I have ordered and downloaded a new web design program which I will attempt to work out in the next few days.  I hope that it will be simpler for those of us with non technical brains.  Time will tell.

I am aiming to have the new version complete and uploaded in around 2 weeks…..I am putting that in writing here so that I cannot wimp out!!  I have set myself a huge challenge I know but I really do work better under pressure. 😮

I will keep you up to date with my progress….please keep your fingers crossed.

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