I am now ready to start my week of art adventure…….. though I still have a few hours to work, 2 more performances of ‘Eclipses’ to do, the house to clean, the car to clean, the rabbit to clean out, the shopping to do (so my son does not starve to death for lack of crisps) and my packing to do….I think that is everything. 

I leave for the Lake District on Sunday morning(ish) and I have set myself a number of challenges for when I am away.

  1. To work on my new website
  2. To produce a new range of mini abstracts for the website
  3. To take a range of photographs to work from on my return
  4. To complete an art journal of my holiday
  5. To produce the art cards I have been promising friends for ages
  6. To come back with a clear head and a POSITIVE ATTITUDE

I am away for 6 days so this could be a major challenge.  I will be posting on here from my shiny new laptop so you can see how I get on.

As I need a bit of calm, I thought I would post an older picture, still one of my favourites and one of the ones which will be an art card soon 🙂


Wish me luck!!

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