I have a whole weekend of art

art on the walls
talking art
encouraging others to draw

It is so great to be able to share your passion with others, especially when they have braved the horrible weather to come and see you.

These are the photos I took when I set up my work

Set up nicely in the garden with me sitting drawing in the sunshine.

Now……..we have a monsoon going on and everything is in my lounge.  However, it hasn’t dampened anyones’ spirits.  My lovely new cards and postcards are going down a storm (sorry for the pun)

….forgive the coffee cup but no coffee no workee 🙂

And…… a new drawing has been started …. well it is supposted to be a working weekend.

This is Hamish …. look at those amazing horns!!

We met this fabulous creature in Scotland when we were on holiday and he just had to be drawn.  It is probably my biggest drawing to date too but those horns need some room.

Remember there is still time to come along and see me if you are around.

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