At last I can show you some of the MailART that has been delivered and received by me 🙂

You may remember that the theme is ‘Time and Being Human’ and I chose to show you how I spend my time being human.  I have translated snapshots of my life into a set of postcards which I am still working on.

This is the first postcard that arrived safely with Carla Boulton (@naughtymutt)

This represents “Feeding Time”, and this is Buttons….one of the animals that lives with me.  He used to be a working rabbit and would travel round Scotland with me doing drama workshops with nursery age children.  He had the starring role as the children and I helped ‘Zagro’ the magical creature get the blue crystal back from the wicked witch.  When the witch tries to follow us back Zagro and the children turn the witch into a lovely fluffy bunny…….’Buttons’ 

He did love the children and put up with a lot….now he is just enjoying his retirement

Here he is…………


…………and here is my postcard version of him.

 MailArt003 sm

I also received my first postcard from the lovely Jeanine Strasia (@iworebluviolets)

The tears on this image look real as the tears have been done in pva glue (or something similar) It is so delicate and so strong at the same time, it is wonderful. 


Thank you Jeanine.

You can see more of Jeanine’s work here

I will show you some more tomorrow.






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