My Very First Calendar

Hooray!!  I finished my first calendar……that was not easy.

No-one told me it was so difficult to set up a calendar…….it involved some colourful language as well as colourful inks.

However, it is done and I am quite happy with it……I think.


The light was not great for the photograph but the cover has a lovely sparkle through and the pages are printed in my usual high quality inks on smooth, heavy cartridge paper.











I made the calendars in standard A4 size to keep the costs down for everyone and make them easy to post abroad.

This would make a nice present for Christmas (sorry but it is nearly November) or would give you a mini set of these colourful drawings to keep.

All for only £10.00

This is a very limited offer though as I will only make 50 of these calendars and no more after that.

Here are the images that are included:


I can also add up to 10 personal family dates to the calendar completely FREE and remember postage is also FREE ….wherever you are.

You can buy it here (in dollars)

or here (in pounds)


Please let me know what you think….as always I like to hear your comments.

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  1. Tola

    The cover piece makes me very nostalgic. I enjoyed working with your pieces!

    1. Pamela

      I loved seeing the image on your chocolates….and eating them 🙂

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