I am soooooo glad this MailART has arrived safely as it is a picture of my favourite shoes. 

Ok, so I love shoes!!!  I have a few pairs (over 50) but these are my favourites.  These are the kind of shoes that can brighten any day, any dull outfit and just make you smile 🙂

They are in no way practical….I cannot walk far in them…….. they are sitting down shoes 😮 

I still love them even thought they have caused me pain, they have given me more pleasure.  It also gave me pleasure to draw them….they say a lot about me!


mailart011 sm

I may draw some more shoes too 🙂

My received MailART today is from Ellen Gradman (@sparkyourart).  This card is so thick and full of texture and colour that it makes me smile just thinking about how much fun it must have been to create.


Ellen does not only create her own artworks but works with childen in adventures into texture and colour….have a look here to find out more


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