Where is my time going this month?  I need to pick up my pencils again soon or I will have forgotten how to use them. 🙁    Shout at me if I do not keep you supplied with new work to look at!

I thought that this MailART may cheer up a very grey Tuesday (at least it is here in Fife).  These beautiful lillies grow outside in the garden at the back of my house. 

I have been fighting the garden all summer, trying to defeat the worst of the weeds and laying weedproof fabric and chips on some of the areas to make it easier to keep.  I layed 25 bags of chips and a few slabs too this summer which just about killed me but the garden is starting to look liveable.  I have started to put pots around the place and even planted some bulbs in them. Maybe I will get it finished sometime too 🙂


I do love this colour.

My received MailART should also make you smile and is from Carla Boulton (@naughtymutt)  The only other Brit in my section of MailART and a good Twitter Friend.  You may remember Carla also did a 30 Day Challenge. 

This is a bit of fun and made me smile.


Carla is a talented artist and designer and I enjoy keeping up with her work, follow her on Twitter to keep up or you can find out more about Carla and her work here.



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