Time for some more MailART, as I am enjoying a bit of a break in the Lake District you can catch up with some more of this challenge.

Today’s postcard is off my little purple Fiesta…..this little bug and I spend about an hour and a half together every work day, longer if we get stuck behind a tractor!!   I always have the radio on or my IPod plugged in and I just go, singing at the top of my voice……the only place I sing as my voice is terrible and no one else wants to hear it 🙂

This is my first ever new car and I love it, the purple suits me too as it is much easier to find when I forget where I parked it……. I do that a lot!


 I think this will probably be the only time I ever draw a car but it is cute….in a car kind of way 🙂

Today’s received card comes from Kari Lonning (@karibaskets) and is a photograph of one of her ‘Hairy Vessels’  I love this modern twist on a beautiful traditional art.


 You can see more of Kari’s work here


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