This week appears to be all about abstracts. I wanted to paint outdoors and try to do some real landscapes but have discovered as an artist that is not really me. I like to try new things but not everything works. I have had some fun with it though and I do love painting outdoors.


These started as sample swatches for bigger abstracts and plays on colour but I like the way they turned out and I plan to get some deep double mounts for these and see how they look. I love playing with variations on colour and texture and already have many more ideas as to how to develop these.

Forgive the quality of these images, I usually scan my pics but didn’t pack it with my holiday gear.





I hoped this holiday would inspire me and it has but not in the way I had anticipated. I am heading out to a forest walk full of sculptures so lets see how that shapes today’s work. It is very windy so not sure if I can do any work outside today……may just have to drink coffee and eat cake 🙂


…..oh and by the way, I have lost inches this week with all the walking, swimming and gym work – very happy 🙂

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