Sorry for the lack of communication last week but technology let me down.  I was in the middle of nowhere surrounded by hills so that was probably part of the problem.

It was lovely to be away from everything and to have time to wander round galleries and shops and see what other artists were doing.  Some of it was really exciting and some of it made me want to scream!!  I know art is meant to evoke reactions but for me, I like to see that there is some talent involved.

I also had time to work out some new ideas for a range of pictures I want to do….there was a glimpse of the start of them last week and there will be more to come very soon.

I also did a huge amount of work on my new website which I am very pleased with so far.  I hope to have that ready to upload by the weekend.  I have nothing new and exciting to show you but I do wish you could see the new enthusiasm I have returned with.  I am well on the way to completing the list of things I set myself to do.

As I have nothing new I thought I would share some of the work from my Twitter ‘friends’.  I admire these artists and would like to thank them for the inspiration they give me every day on Twitter.  Rachel has also just finished her new website (I am only a little jealous).

I hope you enjoy their work as much as I do

And here is the thought for a wet Monday


One thought on “Back Again”

  1. Pamela:

    Thank you so much for you blog post. It’s funny how the world works. Just when you begin to wonder if your voice is being heard, someone as wonderful as yourself revives and inspires you to keep going. You are an inspiration as well.

    Happy Day!

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